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April 22, 2013
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Baby mine, don't you cry.
Baby mine, dry your eyes.
Rest your head close to my heart,
never to part,
baby of mine.

You held the small boy in your arms in your arms, the poor child. He had lost his parents and elder brother in a terrible car accident a few months back and he was the only survivor. You ran your hand through the boy’s sandy blonde locks that so messy it couldn’t be tamed in an act to comfort him. He was so young, 5 years of age. Your heart ached for the child as his blue green eyes spilled out endless tears.

You hugged the child closer to you, trying your very best to comfort him. This child was an orphan now, and needed someone to take care of him. That’s where you came to play; you were a foster mother, it was your job. And you were assigned to take care of this child for two years, unless adopted by another family, until he gets transferred to another foster care mother.

You had learned that this boy had spent his nights crying himself to sleep over the loss of his family. He never had the best relationship with his family, especially his elder brother, Arthur, but he still loved them and the fact that he’d never be able to see their faces again broke his heart. This child was so lonely now, so very, very lonely.

Then you felt the child struggle in your arms, like he didn’t want your comfort. But you kept a strong grip on him; you weren’t going to give up on this boy like the other foster mother. Yes, you were this child’s second foster mother because the first foster mother couldn’t handle this poor child’s behavior and gave up on him.

“Peter…Peter, please listen to me, I promise I’ll take care of you. I’ll help you but you have to let me…” Your voice was motherly as you tried to sooth the child so he wouldn’t try to run from you.

But Peter ended up shaking his head, not believing you, “N-No! You’ll go bye-bye just like e-everyone else! N-No one likes me! They all h-hate me! That’s why they l-left me!” He sobbed out the words, it was obvious this child was having abandonment issues and you couldn’t allow that. This child so young, in so much pain and fear, you couldn’t understand how the other foster mother could have just given up on him!

You held him firmly, but now with more gentleness, “Shhhh, that’s not true. You’ll see, I’ll be here for you. I promise, I’ll never abandon you. Now can you please, let me wipe your tears and take you to your new home for now with me?” Peter seemed hesitant, but with hearing your motherly sweet voice filled with honesty he gave a nod as you wiped his tears away with a handkerchief. “Here, you can keep this handkerchief, you can use it whenever you want and hold it whenever you are sad. But when you hold it, remember you are still loved, because I will love you and raise you as if you are my own child.”

Peter looked at you with a sort of hope and nodded while holding the handkerchief close to his heart as you picked him up and carried him to your car. You opened the seat and set him in a booster seat and put his seatbelt on before you closed it, and you saw in his eyes a sort of panic but you gave him a reassuring smile before opening the driver seat door and went in. Peter seemed to relax a bit.

As you started driving you easily noticed Peter’s uneasiness as he held the handkerchief tightly. So you figured you’d sooth him with sweet words, but not just normal words, words of a beautiful song from one of those loved Disney movies that you had fallen in love with since you were a kid yourself.  You would have sung the original version of the song but you figured the soothing length of a longer version would be better for Peter. So, you sang softly and smiled as you noticed Peter relaxing and closing his eyes. By the end of the sweet song of ‘Baby Mine’, Peter had fallen asleep soundly as you smiled motherly to him. When he wakes up he’ll start a new life, one where there’ll be hope, you’ll make sure of it.

Little one when you play,
don't you mind what they say.
Let those eyes sparkle and shine,
never a tear,
baby of mine.

Two years had pasted since you had brought Peter under your wing to foster care. You started to dread each day, much like Peter, as you both knew that he would have to move to another foster mother. Each day since New Years after the second year of being with him, he started begging you to spend as much time with him, taking him out to the park everyday, tucking him into bed and read him a bed time story or when he feels sad sing him that sweet song of ‘Baby Mine’ so he could sleep peacefully.

Sweet memories filled your mind as you watched Peter play with his toy train from the couch, that wonderful 7 year old really was growing up so fast. It seemed like just yesterday he was begging you not to go to kindergarten, fearing that you wouldn’t pick him up like the other foster mother had. Peter used to cry at kindergarten because he couldn’t handle feeling abandoned, so the other foster mother before you had dropped him out of kindergarten. But when he had come to live in your humble home you had told Peter that he’d have to go to kindergarten, you remember him crying about it because he didn’t want you to leave. You had told him that you’d never leave him and that you’d visit him during recess everyday and pick him right after school. And you told him that he could bring that handkerchief so he could remember that you cared about him.

And surprisingly, Peter didn’t cry once when he went back to kindergarten but still stayed reserved, but it was a step that you were proud of. And over the next few months he had started becoming his normal self again, energetic, loud, a normal five year old kid. But sadly he started to become a little rascal with his over energetic nature, you thought it was absolutely adorable but it seemed like parents wanted a calm, obedient child. Though, even with you wanting Peter to be adopted into a nice family you couldn’t bring yourself to try and change Peter. Peter is Peter, and you weren’t going to change that about him.

Now, two years had past and you didn’t want to let this child go, knowing that you might never know if he will be placed with a loving family. But when that deadline came, you and Peter walked into the building, him holding your hand and that handkerchief he took such great care in taking care of.

You had told Peter to wait in the waiting room as you talked with your boss; you hoped Peter’s next foster mother would be sweet, understanding, and patient with him. Peter is still recovering from nightmares he has at night from the accident. As Peter gave a nod you kissed his forehead before walking into the room and closed the door to see your boss with a confused look on his face.

“I’m surprised you put up with that child for so long, from what I had heard from his previous foster mother before you he was so hard to handle she gave up on raising him.”

You glared at your boss before crossing your arms in a defensive way, “That foster mother knows nothing of raising a child! Peter was only 5! It’s natural for him to be traumatized! That foster mother just didn’t have the patience needed to take care of the sweet angel.”

Your boss gave a laugh before looking at the papers before him, “From what I read here he’s a bit of a troublemaker and no family wants to adopt him. If he keeps this up, Miss _____, then he’ll never get adopted. And you know we want every child that comes to our organization to be adopted. So, since you are his now previous foster mother…” You cringed slightly as he said that but he took no notice and continued, “…you have a right to know where we will be sending him to give him at least a chance of getting adopted.”

If they knew sweet little you
they'd end up loving you two.
All those same people who scold you
what they'd give just for the right to hold you.

Your blood literally started boiling, how dare he talk about Peter in such a way! He doesn’t know that sweet child he was! But before you could defend Peter your boss cut you short, “We will be sending him to Germany where he will be raise by a foster mother there to learn discipline and respect. And he will be going to a military school as well for those purposes.”

When he had said that you felt as though your heart had been stabbed, they were going to send your sweet little angel to a military school! They’ll brainwash him into someone he isn’t!

“No! You can’t do that! You’ll change who Peter is!”

The boss looked at you with dull eyes, “Miss _____, the only available and willing foster mother right now is that in Germany. And it’d be good for the kid to learn some respect and discipline; it’s up his chance of getting adopted.”

You shook your head, you weren’t going to have this, “That foster mother isn’t the only willing one! I can continue fostering Peter! I’ll foster him for as long as needed! But I will not stand that he will go to such a place!”

Your both looked at you with such surprise, “But Miss _____, he is a burden to take care of, you should know that you raised him for the past two years. Do you really want to take care of him?”

You literally snarled out, “Of course! And he is not a burden! You have no right what so ever to call him that! You don’t know him! I’ll raise him!” You boss sighed, he couldn’t go against you since you were willing and eligible of taking care of the boy so he agreed but under one condition. That he must be adopted by the age of 13 or else they’ll send your sweet Peter to military school where he will most likely permanently stay for the rest of his life.

You gave a sigh of relief before thanking your boss and walking out only to find Peter with tears in his eyes. You gave a gasp, it was easy to tell he heard the whole conversation. You went to your knees and brought Peter to a gentle hug as you comforted him as he said something you never wanted him to say, “I-Is it t-true? T-That I’m a b-burden? M-Maybe I should go away so I-I wouldn’t b-bother you anymore…” You held him tighter as you said with soft word, “No, no that’s not it Peter. You’re not a burden; you’ll never be to me. You understand? You’re a sweet little boy who is so loveable, it’s just that people can’t see that yet, but just you wait they will one day and they’ll love you, too. They’ll see you just like I do, a perfect boy in everyway possible.”

Peter looked at you with his blue green eyes, much like he did when he first met you, but this time, it held something of hope and joy before he hugged you tightly repeating small ‘thank you’s. You grabbed the handkerchief in his hands and wiped away his tears before kissing his forehead like any mother would. And you heard from behind you a small mumble from your boss, “…Maybe you are the right foster mother for him…”

From your head down to your toes,
you're not much, goodness knows.
But you're so precious to me,
sweet as can be,
baby of mine.

After that you had brought Peter home with you once more, with a bright and sweet smile on your face. And once nightfall had came you once again tucked Peter to bed…but this night was different in the most biggest way, because when you told him goodnight he had responded with a gentle, “Goodnight…mom…” before closing his eyes and falling to sleep. You had stumbled out of the room, quietly closing the door behind you. You couldn’t believe it, after two years he had called you ‘mom’. It brought tears to your eyes, you knew Peter had loved you very much with you being his foster mother but he tried his best to not get too close knowing he’d have to leave in two years. But it seemed, now that you were going to be his foster mother ‘til the end, he had come to the conclusion that he could trust you fully and call you ‘mom’.

Years had past since that day, he had come to call you ‘mom’ each and everyday with pride and joy. You had started to feel as though he really was your real son but as the years past you started to worry. Time was ticking before he would be sent to military school. You loved Peter so much that you tried so hard over the years to give him as much love he needed and look for a family who’d adopt him. But like always, they’d turn you down because of Peter’s rascal behavior. You didn’t understand, why could these families see that Peter was so special, an amazing boy. They didn’t understand how precious he was, let alone how precious he was to you.

True Peter could be a rascal at times and cause trouble but he was such a sweet boy. Whenever you fell sick he would do everything in his power to try and make you feel better, sometimes you’d hear him mumbling about wanting to be older and stronger so he could protect and take care of you like you have to him. You thought it was the sweetest thing ever, but if he had grown up, when age 13 came, he would be taken from you.

And now, here he was, 12 years old. You loved watching him grow up but you always had that fear, that no one would be able to see how precious he was and never adopt him but you’d always push that thought aside because you knew he was precious in everyway. Then, one day, two gentlemen had come to answer your prayers and told you they’d like to adopt Peter. You were overjoyed at the news.

You had set a day for you to meet the two gentlemen and you have to say, they were interesting. One being super tall and intimidating with his messy blonde hair and stern blue eyes, but you could see that inside he was a nice soul, and another man who was shorter than that of the first looked caring and understanding in everyway from his neat blonde hair and purple eyes to his sweet smile.

“So, you must be Berward Oxenstierna and Tino Väinämöinen. You don’t know how glad I am to know that Peter will be adopted. But, um, if you don’t mind but what is the relationship between the two of you.”

Berward answered first with a blunt, “Tino is m’ w’fe.” You looked at him with surprised but didn’t mind at all, if they love each other then they do, who were you to judge. But Tino seemed to turn bright red with embarrassment as he nervously said, “Su-san, I-I asked you not to c-call me that…” You thought it was absolutely adorable so, not wanting Tino to get anymore embarrassed you said, “I’ll go get Peter, alright? Sit down and make yourselves comfortable.”

When you left the room once again you saw Peter standing there with the saddest face you’ve seen in so long. You knew why he was sad though so you leaned down and gave him a warm hug in which he returned as you said softly, “Peter, you know this is hard on me, too, but you might never have a chance like this again. You know they’ll take you away from me with force once you turn 13 and I wouldn’t be able to know if you’re living happily with a caring family. Please Peter, go with them and allow me to know you’ll be with a family who’ll care for you.”

Peter started having tears in his eyes but refused to let them fall as he hugged you tighter, “But why can’t you adopt me, mom? I want to stay with you…”

You looked at Peter with the softest eyes, “Peter, you know I can’t do that, but if I could I would. You are so precious to me, Peter, that’s why I want you to go with them and be happy. Can you do that for me? Please?”

Peter let go of you and stood straight before wiping and tears that threatened to fall before saying bravely, “Okay, mom, I’ll go so you’ll be happy. I’ll be like an adult!” You gave a sweet laugh before kissing his forehead, “Peter, you don’t have to act like an adult. You act like yourself, don’t change who you are, don’t ever do that all right? I love you just the way you are and always will. You’ll always be so special to me, Peter. Remember that.”

Peter gave a nod and asked in a shy voice, “Do…Do you think you can sing me that song you sang to me when I was little…‘Baby Mine’?” You gave a nod before singing in a soft quiet voice for only Peter to here, the song that soothed him when he was little. Even though he didn’t like being called a ‘baby’ or a ‘child’, he still wanted to hear you sing it…you were the only acceptation because he so badly wanted to be your son for so long.

Then, when you brought Peter out to the two gentlemen you had noticed the sympathy look in Tino’s eyes, he must have heard. Tino had promise to take care of Peter, and you thanked him once more. But when you saw Peter walk into the car with Tino and Berward, tears started to weld up in your eyes, especially when you saw Peter hold so tightly in his hands the handkerchief you had given him so many years ago. And when you started to drive down the street you waved goodbye as Peter waved goodbye back with that sad look. When the car had gone out of site you couldn’t hold it in any longer, you fell to the floor on your knees and started crying. You were going to miss Peter so much, and you wouldn’t be able to see him, because you and he knew…that he and his new family will be moving far away, flying over the ocean, to go to his new home.

If they knew sweet little you,
they'd end up loving you too.
All those same people who scold you,
what they'd give just for the right to hold you.

Peter was walking home from school; it had been months since he had last saw you and he hasn’t really been himself. True he was a rascal at times, but…he just didn’t feel right, as if a huge part of his life just died. And to make it worse, today was his 13th birthday, the day that you had feared so much. But he had a family now, a caring and loving family, but knowing that you weren’t going to celebrate it with him made his heart ache. You had spent every year since you had brought him under your wing giving him the greatest birthdays, making him feel ever more special.

Peter sighed. Why did life have to be so cruel to him? First his parents and older brother when he was only 5, and now a few months back, he had lost you, the person he called ‘mom’. No one could take your place, never ever, you said he was so precious to him, but you had it backwards, you were the one so precious to him. Even though his dad, Beward, wanted him to call Tino ‘mom’ he had refused and just called him ‘papa’, Tino understood though.

Peter paused, he opened up his backpack and pulled out that handkerchief he so now dearly holds to everyday in remembrance of you and held it close to him as he walked ‘home’. All the great memories he was remembering was bringing tears in his eyes but he wiped them away as he came close to the door of his home.

He opened the door with a sad air lingering around him when he noticed how dark it was, “Dad? Papa?” And when he said that lights came on and a loud, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” was heard. Peter stared with wide eyes, his dad and papa had invited his best friends that he had since he moved here to celebrate his birthday. He took a step forward inside of the house and closed the door was a smile on his face, you may not be here but it was still his birthday, and like you had promised him, there were people who loved and cared for him around him.

The 12 and 13 year old Raivis, Emil, Marcello and Paulette ran up to Peter giving hugs or just congratulating him for his 13th birthday. But Peter could help but notice that looks on everyone’s faces, as if they were anticipating something, even dad seemed to be waiting for something.

Peter was about to ask when Tino walked up to him with a cake in his hands and smiled, “Peter, I think it’d be best to see your greatest present before you can blow out the candles and eat some cake. Don’t you think kids?” The four preteens nodded their heads as they smiled, which is kind of rare for Emil and Paulette, so Peter knew this present he was going to get was a big one.

Then, he heard it, such a familiar voice that warmed him so quickly, “Well, I guess I’m a present then.” Peter snapped his head around and he stared in awe at who he saw at the front door.

“Happy Birthday, Peter.”

Peter’s eyes wield up with tears as he ran into the arms so familiar to him, your arms, the arms he claims to call his mother’s. Peter has never felt such joy in his life, he had thought he never see you again, yet here you were, hugging him like you always have. Peter looked at you with tears threatening to spill from his blue green eyes, seeing this you smiled and grabbed the handkerchief in his hand a wiped the tears away as Peter chocked out, “H-How? I-I thought…”

You smiled at Peter so motherly-like before saying in such a gentle voice, “Your dad and papa gave me a plane ticket to come here and they seem to have a lot of money to spare since they bought me my own house to stay in just down the street of here.”

Peter jumped into your arms again and hugged you, he was defintally going to thank dad and papa because you were the best present he could ever have for nothing else can compare to your kindness you have given him.

But what really sent crying with joy was the words you said next, “Besides…I told you since the beginning, I’d never abandoned you…My precious, precious son…”

From your head down to your toes
you're not much, goodness knows.
But you're so precious to me,
sweet as can be,
baby of mine.
Baby of mine
Yeah, a tiny little break from my series fanfics of reader-insert magic. I was watching Dumbo with my niece today and I was like, I loved this song when I was younger. I looked up the song and found out there was a slightly longer version sung by this woman named Alison Krauss. I like her voice compared to the original so I choice this one to write --> [link] Yadayada, if you want to hear her voice you can.

But for some reason I felt the strong need to write a reader-insert fanfic from this song, because one, I never made a song-fic before, two, love the song, and three, I felt like it. This is eight pages long, never wrote that much for a fanfic ever! I feel kind of proud, and I loved writing it so much. When I started this I was like, hm, who should be the child, Lativa or Sealand? I'll choice Sealand because...'the other countries from the anime' looked down on him, and he was perfect for the ending with Sweden and Finland. Because if I had chose Lativa I'd have to end up getting him adopted by Russia O.o and I was like, no. But asdfghjkl, after writing this song-fic I love Sealand a lot more than I originally did, which wasn't that much.

Okay, names, names, names, because I'm sure you might not know who all of them are.
Miss _____ / Mom - You, IDC if you use your first or last name
Peter - Sealand
Tino - Finland
Berward - Sweden
Raivis - Cute little Latvia
Emil - Hehe, Cute Iceland
Marcello - Bang, don't know him but Saborga
Paulette - Cute artistic Wy
~~~~Yes, I made all dem friends of Peter the age of 12 or 13 because, well, it works. I don't care if Raivis, Emil, or Marcello is older than him, in this fanfic I'm boss so they are 12 or 13. >w< Sadly they don't belong to me but Hidekaz

The last sentence with the son thing, even though Finland and Sweden adopted Sealand, he will always be your son at heart and Finland doesn't mind, he just wants Sealand happy, Sweden...I don't even know...But...Comment plz~
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Well, I guess that means I did my job right. <w<
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